Educators of Color Consultant Directory

Below, you will find a growing list of Educators of Color/ of the Global Majority who provide consultation, workshops, presentations, and professional development for classroom and school communities.

Please consider these folks to work with you and your programs, to share workshops with your communities, and keynote your events/ conferences.  And, please return to this space from time to time as this list will grow!

Montessori Educators of Color/ the Global Majority Consultants:

Britt Hawthorne: Classroom Management + Prepared Environments

Daisy Han: Disruptive Equity Education Project

Koren Clark: Teacher Transformation + Cultural Salience

Lucy Canzoneri-Golden: Creating a Montessori, inclusive community; in curriculum and community empowerment; working with Teachers, staff, children and parents; and fully bilingual Spanish/English.

Razan Abdin: Inclusive Montessori, Educational Equity, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Curriculum Development, and Classroom Design

Tiffany Jewell: Anti-Bias Education; Anti-Racist Education; ABAR Montessori Education; Creative Co-Teaching; Social Justice Curriculum; and Lower Elementary Curriculum Development.

Educators of Color/ the Global Majority Consultants:

Kelly Wickham Hurst: Advocates for equity and safety for Black students

Liza Talusan:  Unconscious bias; Experiential education; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Leadership training; Strategic planning for diversity; Board and cabinet-level training; Student engagement workshops; Staff and faculty development; Community activism; and Intersectionality of race and gender

José Vilson: Math Educator; Social Justice Education activist; Author; Speaker; and Founder of EduColor

Val Brown: Professional Development


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